Shower Soother

At the end of a long day, nothing is better than a shower. The hot running water and soothing steam can create a wonderful way to relax. Improve your next shower with these shower steamers or soothers. Create a calming experience. Melt into the evening. Make showering your favorite part of your day.

Place shower steam/soother into an organza bag and hang the bag from the shower knob, or place on the floor out of direct streams of water. Splash steamer/soother with water every few minutes during your shower and enjoy. 

Keep steamer in a cool dry place until ready to use. 
Steamer/Soothers are intended for shower use only. Because of the high fragrance content in these, do not use them like bath bombs. They are meant for the shower only to release a vapor.  

Due to being handmade, Steamer/Soother may differ from picture.

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